Your Guide To Online Marketing: Part 2

In our last post we talked about a few strategies to increase your online presence and increase user engagement through social media platforms. In addition to that, our Vancouver App Developers have a few more ideas to help create even more online awareness for your brand.  So what else can you do to increase your online presence, if it doesn’t include social media – what else is there? Well, let’s start right where we are currently – with a blog post. Blogging surely isn’t a new tool, but it seems to be getting swept under the rug for most businesses. Let’s explore the importance of blog postings and how it can drive your consumers towards your business and increase your marketing efforts.

Blogging 101: Start now!

Whether you need to revive the blog section of your website, or you need to create one – now is the time. Consumers will be searching for you or your products online, and what better way to capitalize on their search efforts by leading them right to your site? Here are a few key strategies for proper blogging techniques:

1. Keep the content interesting. Try focusing on such topics that center around your business, while avoiding a constant soapbox lecture of why you are the best. Offer strategies, interviews or product reviews to entice your target markets and also offering insights to other markets could prove very useful with new engagement.

2. Be Insightful. When it comes to solving problems, why not reach out and offer some guided information that other business owners find useful. When you can lend your expertise and insights to help others,you are building a community where others can rely on you for your experience. Creating trust, and helping others help themselves can also be great for exposure and positive recommendations.

3. Always think about SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to having your content searchable online. The importance of using the right keywords is so important and cannot be ignored. Do your research to create a list of keywords and use them as often as you can. Having this list of keywords handy for all social media channels is a great back up plan too, alter your keyword list for use with hashtags, for instance, can seamlessly aide users finding you through their online searches.

4. Guest Blogging. This can be a fantastic way to get even more exposure; guest blogging can get your name and brand noticed on so many other levels. Reaching new audiences through other successful blogs is a great way to cultivate new relationships and show that you are trusted and recognized by other, powerful influencers. Choosing the right blog to write for is the most important factor; be sure to choose trustworthy and legitimate businesses, so that you too can be viewed as a trusted and legitimate source of information and expertise.


Online marketing can be daunting, but you are now armed with a few key strategies on the best ways to tackle the online community and all it has to offer for the online success of your business. As mobile technology increases in effectiveness, so is increasing your reach through online marketing. Do you have an app idea, or have questions about enhancing your mobile app? Our Vancouver app development team strives to share our knowledge and answer any questions you may have. If you’re interested in discussing further, visit the Contact section of our website we would love to chat about how we can assist you and your business with mobile applications and custom software. At Vog we build more than apps, we build businesses.