Interviewing Shaunie Morrison: Canadian Track & Field Athlete

Shaunie Morisson is a Canadian Track and Field star who is working hard to reach out for her dreams. This beautiful and strong woman has been competing in major track and fields events around the world and holds several records. Now, as a senior, she can be a world-class hurdler as she has impressive power and tremendous speed. Be inspired by her story and support her on this huge and promising venture by reading and sharing this interview.

When did you start liking and practicing track and field?

I first started track and field when I was fourteen turning fifteen. I was in Grade 9 and wanted to try something new. I told my parents I wanted to try track and next thing I knew, I was joining the Calgary Warriors track club. As for the liking part, I just started enjoying and loving track about a month ago. Funny right? Eight years later, and I finally love what I’m doing. Before I was just very highly competitive, so I never liked the idea of losing. Now that I’ve switched to long jump, the thought of losing doesn’t even cross my mind. I love waking up and going to practice now. Something I could never have said before.

What is it about track and field that interests you?

What first caught my eye in track and field was the travelling side of it. No other sport in the world can allow you to travel the world as track does. One weekend you could be in Asia, and the next weekend you’re in a track meet in Australia. There’s always so much going on, and I love the idea that track is a sport that is done all over the world, not necessarily just popular in one country like soccer or football.

How did you become an athlete?

I first became an athlete when I was four years old. My parents put me into soccer, and I carried on with that for ten years, but of course, I played a bunch of other sports at the same time. I played volleyball, basketball, soccer, flag football, gymnastics, dance and track and field all before the age of 15. I love being an athlete, and I’m so blessed for the opportunity my parents gave me when I was four years old. My life would be very different if I weren’t into sports.

What have you accomplished as an athlete?

My most significant accomplishment till this day is when I got Bronze at the Youth Common Wealth Games in 2011. It’s so important to me because I remember having my first ever boyfriend and he broke up with me the day before my race. I was devastated and thought it was all over. My mom came with me and gave me the best motivation talk I’ve ever had just minutes before my race. Something sparked inside me, and I went and gave it my all. I got bronze by the Grace of God, and I’m so happy my mom was with me to soak in that achievement.

What are your short term and long term mail goals?

My main goal at the moment is to make the 2020 Olympics, and maybe 2024. At some point, I want to start building my life. I’ve been an athlete my whole life, and that’s all I’ve ever known. I want to have a family with three kids and a couple of rescue dogs. I love the idea of having a family, but that’s more long term goals.

What does going to the 2020 Olympics mean to you?

It would be imperative to me. I’ve always dreamed of going to the Olympics, ever since I was a little girl. I always thought it would be for soccer, but now that I’m doing long jump I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want to go to the Olympics very badly so I can use my platform to spread awareness about the stray dogs in our world. I want to use my platform to spread awareness of what I think is very important and needs change.

When you have some free time, how do you like to spend it?

My free time is only Saturdays and Sundays, but when I do have free time you can catch me binge-watching on Netflix. I love movies, and I occasionally go to the movies by myself. It’s sad because I use to make fun of my dad for going to the movies alone, but now I love going alone and would prefer it that way. Just last week I went to see John Wick 3 by myself, and I loved it!

Who’s your inspiration/ role model? Why?

Well, in track and field, my inspiration would be my Uncle Brian Morrison. He’s been my inspiration since I started running. I always applauded his dedication to the sport. And till this day he always comes over, and I can still see the passion in his eyes when he talks about the sport. My role model would be my Mom, Belinda Morrison. I’ve never met someone who has the drive and motivation to get things done. My mom had so many jobs growing up to make sure I was able to do the sports I wanted to do. Without my parents, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My mom has raised money for me to go to National Team’s all over the world. Her and my dad have never given up on me.

What are the biggest challenges you have been facing today as an athlete?

The biggest challenge I’m facing today would be financials. Not being a carded athlete in Canada is very very difficult. I was carded last year in the NCAA but didn’t use any of the things that were given to me by Athletics Canada because I had everything I already needed to be provided to me by my school. Now that I’m not a carded athlete in Canada I’m struggling to balance work and training. I train Monday through Friday from 9-2pm and have work from 3-7 pm every day. I do so much driving in a day that I’m physically exhausted by the time I come home. If I were carded right now, my only focus would be on training and what I can do to be a better athlete.

If you could give a message to new athletes, what would you say to them?

I would say to love what you’re doing. If you don’t have the passion or motivation to become better every day, than it is not for you. It works when you’re younger but getting older I realized I wasn’t happy with hurdles and knew I needed a change or I had to stop running in general. I made the switch, and I’ve never been so determined or motivated to become better every single day.

After learning a bit more about Shaunie Morrison, how about helping her by sharing her story on her way into the 2020 Olympics? Vog App Developers has had the pleasure to meet Shaunie and support her. We really want to spread the world so she can get all the resources she needs and deserves from our generous and kind Canadians.

If you also want to help, don’t hesitate and contact us here. We will make sure your message is delivered to Shaunie Morrison.

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