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Finding the right developer can be a tricky search, so who do you pick for your development project? Researching developers is a great idea! You need someone who can embrace your project vision, understand your needs, and someone who gets your business. These are the principles Vog Vancouver App Developers was founded on! Contact Us for a free, no obligation quote and see why Vog Vancouver App Developers is the choice agency for your next project.

We build more than apps, we build businesses 

Be a leader in your industry

Over 80% of time spent on smartphones is using mobile applications. This trend has ushered in a new era of streamlined connection between devices like never before. It is no longer acceptable for a business to just have a website, mobile apps are at the forefront of digital transformation and our Vog App Development team has the expertise to put your business in the forefront of that digital evolution.

The full package

As apps become more advanced, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up the industry standard as a single developer. That’s why our agency comes staffed with developers, designers, quality assurance, project managers, and testers to see your app’s vision through from start to finish. As your business needs inevitably change and grow, you need a team you can rely on to meet your ever changing needs.

The support you need, when you need it

We believe good development should not end after the app is finished. Mobile applications require regular maintenance to ensure compliance with the latest standards set by Apple and Google app stores. Our goal with every client is to create long term partnerships, rather than one time clients. From our streamlined development process, to the steps support after app deployment, Vog Vancouver App Developers are with you every step of the way!

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A Streamlined Development Process

  • The First Meeting – To understand your app, we must first understand you and your business. The initial consultation allows both parties to ask questions, and build a solid understanding of each other’s businesses and ideas. Once we reach a point where we feel comfortable with your idea, and you have had the opportunity to ask questions, and provide us feedback, we move on to the next phase.
  • Prep and Research – After our meeting, we begin to internally draft a proposal. This proposal outlines all of the requested features and design assets that will need to go into your app. We outline every single panel, feature, and page that will be in your application. When you like what you see, we move on to the design/development phases.
  • Design/Development – These are the best phases, designing the app, and coding the features. We make sure every design asset used is approved by you while our development team gets to work coding your custom application.
  • What Happens Now? – There can be a bit of a quiet period between development and deployment. Ideally, this time is used to start a discussion of what happens once your app is deployed? How will you be marketing your app? Do you have a team in place? What sort of monetization strategy is built into your app an how can you leverage that sooner than later? These are important questions we are more than happy to help you with as we continue the development of your application.
  • Deployment – Once your app is prepped for launch, we finalize it with a thorough quality assurance test, and do all the work setting up your developer accounts in each app store. Once you are satisfied with your application, we launch it live!

Who is Vog Vancouver App Developers?

We Are Vog Vancouver Apps

Vog Vancouver App Developers was started with the goal of providing businesses and entrepreneurs with a streamlined development process and a positive experience. As other developers outsource their work overseas, we believe in keeping your application in house to preserve your vision.

At Vog, our motto is “We Build More Than Apps, We Build Businesses,” and that’s why we believe in long term partnerships, instead of one time clients.

Our mission is to build more than just apps, it’s to build businesses. When you experience the Vog Vancouver App Developers difference, you’ll see why we are the right developer for you!

Why Choose Vog?

  • Beyond an App

    No matter what technical level you’re at, you need a team that supports you, your business, and your app beyond development. The Vog difference means we help coach you in making the most of your application, creating your unique selling point, and assisting in your efforts to drive downloads and usage.  Whatever your goal is, we can help!

  • Find The Right Fit

    It’s important to make sure that the agency you choose to develop your software application understands your business and its needs. This is why we encourage you to do your research and find the right fit for your project. Ask them about previous work, industry experience, and their experience in your industry. A developer who fails to understand the needs of you and your business will miss the mark entirely on your project requirements.

  • Don’t Lose Your Vision Overseas

    The challenge with outsourcing is that if your developer decides to close their laptop and cease communication, there is nothing you can do about it. That’s why we hire only local Canadian developers for Canadian projects. Meet your team face to face and get to know who will be working on your app. Our team is comprised of developers, designers, quality assurance, project managers, and marketers, meaning we have the right staff to see your project through from start to finish.

  • Communication and Support When You Need It

    You should never wonder “what’s going on with my app?” At Vog Vancouver we ensure you and your team are kept up to date on the most recent stages of your application. The purpose of our local only approach is to provide real time updates, solutions, and communication to our clients without the wonder, guessing, or delays that outsourced projects tend to experience.

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